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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Us beauty lovers here in the UK have been awaiting the day ColourPop becomes available to ship in the UK. Petitions have been made and so on - finally they listened! ColourPop now ships to the UK!!!! I was put off ordering for quite some time due to the price of delivery and the possibility of there being any other additional charges. The only times I have ordered from the US is when I've purchased something from Kylie Cosmetics - For one lipkit including shipping I've thankfully only paid £30 and have avoided extra charges. Since ColourPop has been available to us Brits I have heard a few ladies have been stung by the extra charges but I bit the bullet eventually and made an order anyway!

ColourPop are well known for their liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows, so it would be rude for me not to pick up a couple. I purchased 4 Ultra Matte Lips in the shades Succulent, Bumble, Tulle and Mars, 1 Ultra Satin Lip in the shade The Rabbit and lastly 2 of their eyeshadows in DGAF and La La. There was such a good range of shades (majority being nudes) for all skin tones and seasons so it a while for me to decide which products I was going to be buying.

Top to bottom - The Rabbit, Mars, Tulle, Succulent & Bumble

Top to bottom - DGAF & La La

Shades described on the ColourPop website

Bumble - Dusty warm terracotta
Tulle - Dusty mauve burgundy 
Mars - Red fuchsia
Succulent - Electric neon orange red
The Rabbit - Bright fuchsia with subtle blue sheen
DGAF - A true rose gold in an ultra metallic finish
La La - Medium toned rusty brown topped with multidimensional gold glitter in a metallic finish

Natural light top to bottom - The Rabbit, Mars, Succulent, Bumble & Tulle

 In the sun top to bottom - The Rabbit, Mars, Succulent, Bumble & Tulle
The colours all but one, I would say are exactly as described. Tulle is a lot darker than I anticipated - I guess it will be the perfect shade for the upcoming autumnal months? All of the lip products apply like an absolute dream and dry extremely quickly so you will have to be speedy when applying the product. With there being a lot of comparison between the ColourPop liquid lipsticks and the Kylie Jenner lipkits I had to test them against each other - Personally I 100% prefer ColourPop! The liquid lipsticks feel weightless on the lips and you honestly wouldn't realise you had anything on. Kylie's lipkits feel very mouse-like on the lips which isn't a problem, but I do find the flake in the centre of the lips after a few hours of wear. Don't get me wrong I love Kylie's lipkits but the texture, longevity and the price are a winner when it comes to ColourPop - They also don't have such a sweet sickly scent like Kylie's. Win win!!

Holy smoke. The shadows. Its difficult to describe the texture of them exactly - they feel like mouse to the touch but apply like a power shadow. Confusing? I'm also the biggest sucker for metallic/glitter shadows, so I was surprised at how pigmented and sparkly these were. The smallest swipe of the shadow will give you so much product!

Natural light - La La & DGAF

Sunlight - La La & DGAF

I guess you are probably wondering how much I paid for the order? All lip products were $6 (£4.55 in the UK) and the shadows were priced at $5 (£3.79 in the UK), shipping to the UK was was a hefty $25 (£18.96) so altogether I paid £45.50! For 5 liquid lipsticks and 2 eyeshadows I am not complaining especially as I pay £30 for one Kylie Jenner lipkit.

Delivery wasn't all that bad as well. My order was despatched 4 working days after it was placed and took an additional 5 days to reach my home address. The ColourPop estimated that delivery would take roughly 7-21 days. I was worried about it taking any longer than 14 days as I am so impatient when it comes to makeup deliveries. I usually order everything next day delivery but you obviously cannot do that in the US to the UK.

All in all, I will definitely be ordering ColourPop again!

Hope you all enjoyed reading!

BroganRose. xo


  1. oh my gosh the colours are sooo pretty! your blog is lovely, great photos too! :) xo

    1. Thank you so much! I couldn't believe how bright and bold the colours were! :) xo

  2. Wow you got some great shades! So bright and summery x

    Lauren |


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